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MT Tower conducts funding round after successful strategic raise

MT Tower, an emerging lifestyle and gaming metaverse project, has announced the start of its investor round.

After a successful relaunch of over $400,000 in its initial strategic round, MT Tower will begin its seed round on the September 9for a period of seven days.

MT Tower is a metaverse project aiming to expand the way users interact with each other, influencers and brands in a virtual space.

Its goal is to revolutionize the way people experience social media, striving to become its next step while creating an ecosystem with tokens, entertainment and immersive experiences.

“Our goal is to break the rules of traditional social media. Most platforms today follow the same rules and ideology, and we want to bring people to a new cultural and artistic virtual social platform to be the creators of their own fame and influence.

Igor LaukasikCEO of MT Tower.

The transition from Web2 to Web3 for social media is clear, but the MT Tower team recognizes that this process will take time.

Therefore, its current mission is to complement existing social media and help users and platforms adapt to Web3 and metaverse technology.

It does this by allowing users to embed elements of the platform onto existing social media platforms.

The native token of the platform is the MT Coin. It will be sold to the community in four towers, using MT Tower’s own launching ramp.

The next round will have a supply of 225 million MT tokens, or 15% of the total supply. The team’s soft cap set for the round is $50 million, and investors in the round will have a 32-week vesting period.

About MT Tower

MT Tower is a lifestyle and gaming platform that allows users to build their own worlds, interact with brands, make social connections and share them with others, both at inside and outside the metaverse.

Thanks to its many customization tools, users can push their creativity beyond what is possible in the real world, making it possible to manage life as virtual influencers on all social media platforms.

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