Patricia launches cross-border crypto payment solutions

Be borderless– This is the theme of the launch of Patricia Business, a fintech company, which recently unveiled a new service that helps businesses operate in the growing cryptocurrency market. Patricia Business promises entrepreneurs a new way to grow their business and increase their international reach.

The Patricia Business product solves payment problems faced by African and international businesses by using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to serve various customers, merchants, individuals and businesses, among others.

As a registered merchant on the platform, you can accept Crypto payments from anywhere in the world and settle in any available local currency.

Ayoola Ogunyomi, the company’s head of marketing, said Nigerian companies that want to participate in the crypto economy now have an easy entry point. He added that the venture is currently open to Nigerian companies looking to expand their tentacles in countries like Ghana and Kenya. Merchants will have every reason to rejoice as soon as they sign up.

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He also urged business owners to empower their businesses to reach global audiences with Patricia Business.

He said, “With Patricia Business, you can buy, sell, send, accept, and hold % of your balance sheet in crypto, with broad access to various coin offerings, while leveraging millions of crypto users and businesses around the world. world.

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He also revealed that a number of companies have signed up and added that the registration process is simple and can be completed in minutes.

Product Manager Rowland Okondor reiterated some of the product’s benefits, including:

  1. 1. Quick Setup
  2. Easy currency conversion (fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat)
  3. Offers of various parts.
  4. Global payment solution (zero limitation).
  5. Custom payment links and easy API integrations.

One of the services that will be added in a later release includes invoicing, which will allow merchants to bill and bill their customers easily.

How Patricia Business Works

Patricia Business provides a B2B service where businesses register on the website as merchants. After signing up, they will be able to embed the Patricia Business API on their website, and for businesses without a website, they will have the ability to create payment links from their dashboards and share them with their customers. Through the API and payment links, customers around the world can pay for goods and services in cryptocurrencies.

With this cutting-edge new technology, Patricia Business aims to bring more businesses into the global crypto economy that is now worth at least $2 trillion. There are also over 300 million people who hold cryptocurrencies and use them for investment or consumption, or both. The crypto market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years and Patricia Business invites companies to become early movers.

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About Patricia Business

Patricia Business is an independent subsidiary of Patricia, a resourceful African-born cryptocurrency exchange. While Patricia is a crypto exchange, Patricia Business provides the technology for businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments for their products and services.

Patricia Business helps businesses receive payments in cryptocurrency and settles businesses in their preferred currency, which can be fiat or crypto.

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