Pessimistic CEOs – WEF after Klaus Schwab – Crypto Trust Deficit

As the World Economic Forum kicks off, we dive into the stories everyone is talking about on the Magic Mountain.

POLITICO’s Jakob Hanke Vela sits down with PwC Global Chairman Bob Moritz to discuss the results of their global CEO survey – most CEOs are more pessimistic than they have been in more than a century decade about the prospects for economic growth next year.

Next, host Suzanne Lynch discusses the future of the World Economic Forum with POLITICO’s Ryan Heath. He spoke to dozens of people about the elusive plans for what will happen when WEF chairman Klaus Schwab, nearly 85, is no longer in charge.

Finally, we focus on cryptocurrencies. POLITICO’s Erin Banco talks to Anthony Scaramucci about the crypto industry’s efforts to rebuild trust. And we hear from Dante Disparte, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Policy at Circle, telling us how companies value his vision for industry regulation.


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