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Plug and Play to launch a crypto and digital asset innovation platform with Visa, AllianceBlock, The INX Digital Company, IGT and Franklin Templeton

SUNNYVALE, Calif., November 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global Innovation Platform, Plug in and usein collaboration with the founding partners Visa, AllianceBlock, The INX Digital Company, IGT and Franklin Templetonannounced the launch of its new Crypto and Digital Assets Program in Silicon Valley. The program aims to connect international startups with founding partners to pilot startup technologies and drive the future of Crypto and digital assets as world-class leaders.

“Plug and Play is thrilled to partner with Visa, AllianceBlock, The INX Digital Company, IGT and Franklin Templeton to launch our new program and multiply our reach and impact in the crypto space. We look forward to accelerating enterprise-level adoption and bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3,” said Maximilian Jungreisboss of Crypto and digital assets to Plug and Play.

“At Visa, we believe partnerships can unlock a deeper understanding of emerging use cases in the payments ecosystem,” said Dan Roesbery, Vice President, Global Fintech Partnerships at Visa. “We are thrilled to partner with Plug and Play to innovate with fintech and crypto platforms at all stages of the startup lifecycle on new money-moving experiences.”

Based at Sunnyvale, California., Plug and Play connects startups and large enterprises around the world through industry-specific acceleration programs. The founding partners of the Crypto and the Digital Assets program will access a global network of startups developing new digital technologies and innovative tools. In addition to the specific interests of our partners, the new Plug and Play Crypto and the digital asset vertical will have four broader focus areas:

Stablecoin Adoption: Stablecoins – cryptocurrencies pegged to an underlying financial asset – have become one of the main crypto use cases by providing global access to the world’s strongest fiat currencies. Businesses that adopt stablecoins reap all the benefits of crypto without the volatility: reduced fees, secure transactions and instant cross-border payments.

Decentralized finance: By making units of value – stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, etc. – interoperable, programmable and composable on blockchains, capital markets will become more efficient and accessible to everyone on the planet.

Crypto Economy: Tokens create opportunities for innovation in capital formation and human coordination that extend beyond the digital world and into the physical world. Crypto– cost-effective systems improve access to commodities such as file storage and decentralized wireless – and the business benefits are significant.

Enterprise Blockchain: Enterprise blockchains are networks designed for large companies and organizations. They retain the core benefits of blockchains, such as efficiency and immutability, but modify the underlying permissions to help businesses with data security, faster transactions, and better supply chain management.

“AllianceBlock is delighted with our partnership with Plug and Play Crypto and digital assets. Our ecosystem benefits from their vast network of innovative startups, industry pioneers and thought leaders, as well as the value we will bring to the Plug and Play ecosystem as experts in the decentralized space and infrastructure for builders and developers to build on top of. of. We share the vision of a participatory, fair, transparent, sustainable and inclusive economy, and together we work tirelessly to make it a reality.”

blockchain technology and crypto the economy will transform the way we do business on the Internet and in multiple sectors. Plug-and-play Crypto and digital assets, we will accelerate enterprise-level adoption and bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.

“As we pursue our mission to increase access to the wealth of digital economy opportunities for businesses and investors, we are delighted to be a founding member of Plug and Play’s Crypto and the Digital Assets program in Silicon Valley. Not only will this unique partnership provide deeper connections across the West Coast and Silicon Valley, it will also allow us to put our leadership and expertise to work as we advise businesses on the benefits of participating in the ecosystem. rapidly growing blockchain, tokenization, and cryptocurrency,” said Douglas Borthwick, Commercial Director at INX. “With Visa, AllianceBlock, IGT and Franklin Templetonwe look forward to working with a variety of companies – from startups to established names – on the digital future and how they can leverage opportunities now to drive long-term growth.”

“We believe that venture capital is the optimal strategy to invest in the development and growth of Web3 companies. In our opinion, the Crypto and the Plug and Play Digital Assets team continues to innovate and identify some of the most exciting blockchain opportunities in the world,” said Kevin FarrellyVP/Director of Digital Asset Management.

“As a global leader in gaming, IGT is thrilled to partner with Plug and Play to accelerate our innovation through a compelling collaborative environment of established industry leaders and tech startups from diverse sectors,” said Fabio Celadon, IGT Executive Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development. “IGT is at the forefront of cashless gaming technology, and working with Plug and Play can further advance our capabilities and development potential in the payments space.”

Please apply today for startups, companies and venture capitalists interested in joining Plug in and use Crypto and digital assets.

About Plug and Play

Plug and Play is the leading innovation platform connecting startups, enterprises, venture capitalists, universities and government agencies. Based in Silicon Valley, we are present in more than 50 locations on five continents. We deliver business innovation programs and support our partner companies at every stage of their innovation journey, from training to execution. We also organize startup acceleration programs and have set up an internal VC to stimulate innovation in several sectors. We’ve invested in hundreds of successful companies including Dropbox, Guardant Health, Honey, Lending Club, N26, PayPal and Rappi. For more information, visit

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