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Polygon (MATIC) hard fork arrives January 17 for increased scalability

The Polygon (MATIC) sidechain is preparing to perform a hard fork on January 17, in particular to optimize transaction fees on the network during peak usage. In addition, the production of blocks will be reorganized so as to be more fluid within the various validators.

New update for Polygon

Whereas the Polygon sidechain (MATIC) continues to welcome its share of decentralized applications (dApps) and that it continues to register as a destination of choice for most traditional players, as recently proven by its recent partnership with Mastercard, it is about to upgrade to maximize scalability.

Thus, based on various discussions within the Polygone forum and various observations, UN hard fork of the sidechain will be activated tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17and network validators are already invited to update their nodes to the new version.

UN hard forkunlike a soft fork, allows to modify the rules of a network in an immutable way following a common agreement of the part of the community (DAO) and the validators. To learn more about this principle, we prefer you to read our article dedicated to the difference between difficult and soft fork.

The hard fork will therefore modify the consensus rules of the Polygon networkand this through the following 2 axes:

  • Reduce the impact of a large number of concurrent transactions on network charges ;
  • Review the organization of the sidechain in order optimize block validation time.

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Optimization of transaction costs

In order to resolve this first point, Polygon wishes to “smooth” the cost curves inherent in the use of the network, especially when the latter finds himself encountered in photos of use. To do this, the “BaseFeeChangeDenominator” value will be multiplied by 2 in order to cap increases in gas in the blocks.

“For a transaction to be included in a block, a gas fee is required. […] Rising gas prices are normal when there is a spike in demand on any blockchain protocol. But “gas spikes,” which represent exponential price growth, are not. »

Curve Charge Polygon

Figure 1 – Gas price in the current form of the Polygon network (in blue), then in its post fork version (in red)

According to the statement, this change should largely reduce major price fluctuations while more respecting “the gas dynamics of Ethereum (ETH)”. In summary, during peaks on the network, the increase in transaction fees should be much lower.

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The reorganization of the sidechain

To simplify this mechanism which presents some rather technical aspects on the Bor chain (responsible for the production of blocks on Polygon), the reorganization aims to reduce the number of product blocks by a single validator in order to limit their impact on the purpose of the transactions.

This specificity, called sprint length will thus be greatly reduced, since block production for each validator will drop from 64 to just 16 blocks. In terms of timescale, the duration given to the same validator will drop from 128 to 32 seconds.

Reorganization of the polygonFigure 2 – Illustration of reordering blocks on Polygon

“By requiring the sprint duration, the time a validator continuously produces blocks decreases. The result ? A reduction in the risk of a secondary or tertiary validator (who has not discovered the primary validator) acting as block producer, which reduces the number of reorgs overall. »

Polygon’s press release specifies that the number of product blocks good by each validator will remain limited, and therefore the rewards granted to them will remain the same.

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