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Popular Bitcoin Investment Strategies

  • The cost-average strategy may be the best way to invest
  • BTC price at time of writing – $19,770.52
  • BTC Market Cap – $378,449,971,663

One of the most famous bitcoin speculation methodologies is dollar cost averaging, which requires the regular acquisition of resources assuming that their cost continuously decreases over the long term.

The technique makes it possible to cover misfortunes when or on the contrary in the case where a resource enters an ascending phase

The fundamental advantage of DCA is the lack of mastery of a requirement to effectively gain long-term critical benefits. Despite the almost 80% adjustment on BTC, backers who bought the resource in 2018 or even 2019 still benefit from it.

Due to the instability of the major cryptocurrency, it is possible to cover practically 100% of your own misfortunes after each change cycle by buying at the nearest peak.

However, to do this, a funder would need accurate information on market design and specialized investigation. The easiest adaptation of the technique is to buy a resource on specific dates.

Results of the procedure

As we mentioned, a famous way to show up with a specific resource is to buy it on a specific date. Smaller retail backers sometimes prefer to buy BTC every Monday consistently.

For example, the typical cost through 2016-19 would be $1,494 for the typical funder. In case someone enters the market generally late, in 2020, their normal pass would be $18,373, which would benefit backers at the ongoing BTC cost.

One of the most productive yet practical crossing periods would be 2017-2020, the cycle in which Bitcoin went through the main wave of reception. The typical section cost for a backer in the “ICO period” would remain at around $4,378.

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What is Bitcoin’s role as a store of value?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized and distributed computerized currency. One of its most important capabilities is that it is used as a high-value decentralized store. Overall, it welcomes property freedoms as a real resource or as a unit of record.

Nevertheless, the significant store of value capacity of the latter option has been discussed. Many crypto enthusiasts and financial specialists accept that the large-scale reception of the highest money will lead us to another peak monetary existence where exchange sums will be designated in more modest units.

The smallest units of Bitcoin, 0.00000001 BTC, are called Satoshis (or Sats for short), a sign of approval for the pseudonymous maker. At Bitcoin cost now, 1 Satoshi is usually equal to $0.00048.

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