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Recent Polls Suggest Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Crypto Army Strategy Won’t Pay Off

Lately, US Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts can be seen making her anti-crypto agenda one of the centerpieces of her re-election campaign, despite polls suggesting that Elizabeth’s anti-crypto army strategy Warren will not bear fruit. This is good news for the crypto industry.

Warren is building an anti-crypto army

Yesterday, Elizabeth Warren, US Senator from Massachusetts, posted a tweet in which she suggested she was fighting to put the government on the side of working families and prominently quoted a political headline that said she was building an anti-army. -crypto.

The pro-crypto army took to Twitter to castigate the senator. Popular YouTuber Coin Bureau ridiculed the strategy, saying, “Imagine building an ‘anti-crypto army’ is going to win you votes?” while crypto advocates Lord TJ wrote that Warren’s stance would push innovation overseas.

While the senator no doubt has access to her own private poll on the issues, recent industry-commissioned polls suggest the position will not win a vote among the majority of the population. In a Feb. 24 survey commissioned by crypto exchange Coinbase, 76% of the representative sample believed crypto and blockchain were the future.

Grayscale Investing did a survey that shared similar sentiments

Recent polls suggest that Elizabeth Warren’s anti-crypto army strategy will not pay off as most Americans believe crypto is a key innovation for the future. Last year in November, Grayscale Investment, a digital asset management firm, also conducted a survey that shared similar sentiments, with the responses interestingly suggesting that over 55% of Democrats view crypto as the future of finance. That’s more than the 51% of Republicans who said the same thing.

However, in Warren’s favor, the crises of 2022, such as the collapses of BlockFI, FTX, and Terra Luna, weighed heavily on crypto sentiment among the public. A recent Morning Consult survey found that confidence in crypto has plummeted over the year. The phrase “Elizabeth Warren is building an anti-crypto arm” was first featured in a February 14 Politico article.

What do you think of the polls, which suggest that Elizabeth Warren’s anti-crypto army strategy won’t pay off? Do you think there is a future for Elizabeth Warren’s anti-crypto army? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you found our content informative, share it with your family and friends.

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