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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Warns of Economic Pain, Says Bitcoin Can Protect Wealth – Bitcoin (BTC/USD)

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and personal finance author Robert Kiyosaki says the United States is headed for imminent economic collapse.

He noted in a tweet that in the midst of an economic meltdown, investors can keep their capital intact by stocking up on gold, silver and Bitcoin BTC/USD.

Kiyosaki advised people to create various sources of income to fight the economic crash.

Hinting at a similar economic situation, Kiyosaki said people don’t look at the big picture financial picture. He noted that silver was a solid investment in October, trading below $20.

“Why millions being wiped out: People can see the microeconomics: food and fuel prices are rising. I can’t see the macroeconomy. The macroeconomy is invisible. Protect yourself from the macro. Buy gold , cash and bitcoin. $20 in cash but are blind,” he said.

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Kiyosaki said he was bullish on Bitcoin because state-sponsored pension funds were starting to invest in BTC.

During an interview in May, Kiyosaki said rising inflation, Social Security deficits and health care funding are the main factors influencing the economy.

He warned that he was going to hit a lot of baby boomers.

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