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Seaside Club – Invest and they will do the rest

Seaside Club offers a sea of ​​opportunities which include different businesses to be earned through the web3.

The world of finance has changed drastically over the years. The introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies has revolutionized the interpretation of finance.

Traditional finance has been mostly dominated by big players with huge capital. When given the chance, people can accomplish amazing things. However, they often lack the resources to reach their full potential. These resources can include a lack of knowledge or any other crisis that includes a lack of funds.

Seaside Club aims to solve these problems by providing an equal platform for everyone to learn, earn and grow. It is a forward-thinking company that focuses on traditional businesses as well as blockchain projects. The first includes the following: real estate, mining of gold, diamonds, lithium, copper and other precious metals; agricultural production; and retail clothing.

Let’s take a closer look at Seaside Club and what it brings to the world.

beach club

beach club is an international holding company with various business enterprises around the world. Its core mission is to provide safe and fair investment options to retail investors around the world.

Digitizing reliable, high barrier-to-entry business models, the club uses distributed ledger technologies such as NFTs. It will help people achieve personal and financial independence.

Seaside Club is led by Hussein Karaki, a multi-entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in traditional business and blockchain since 2014. He entered the tech industry and cryptocurrency space in 2014 after bringing together a Web3 team with a wealth of expertise.

“My idea of ​​combining investment strategy with high-yield industries and developing new technologies needed proper realization.” “It was therefore decided to create Seaside Club as a business structure consisting of two main parts”, explains the founder.


Seaside Club offers an honest and open method for anyone interested in receiving dividends on their investments. Daily direct communication with Seaside Club and the community via the Seaside App and monthly AMAs also ensure operational transparency.

The Seaside Club mainly includes the following projects:

  • NFT Market
  • Platform by the sea
  • Community network
  • Learn-to-earn app (live in 1 week!)
  • Metaverse
  • Crypto hunter show

The Seaside Club wants to enable people to use Web3 technologies to increase their income.

The Coin, which fits into the business ecosystem and guarantees people 30% annual revenue, is the centerpiece of the Seaside Club. These are stable revenue streams that provide the opportunity for exponential growth by investing in new technologies and innovations. Seaside Club has previously formed alliances with Chain LinkPureFi and blockchain development company FKT 42, Hacken.

The holding company regularly makes large-scale international investments in sectors with high profitability, which guarantee this profitability. Let’s take a closer look at the Seaside coin.

“The company plans to supply 140 MLN coins – this is the amount we will supply min for 0.15 cents – 0.6 cents upon IPO.” “That means guaranteed X4 profit,” says Karaki.

seaside room

The Seaside ecosystem revolves around the Seaside Coin. The scope of the ecosystem project involves the staking platform and the exchange for the purchase of Seaside Coins. All NFTs that reward users with a percentage of company revenue will be available only through Seaside Coin.

The total coin supply will be 2,000,000,000 coins. The coin is also used to store and transfer the value produced by various business aspects. Once the business is established and the revenue is available for distribution, Seaside Club will convert the revenue share of its fiat value into Seaside Coins at the current market price and distribute these coins to the reward pool.

The seaside piece will be released in three sales stages. After the sales stages, the club will investigate the listing of the coin on decentralized exchanges such as Pancake Swap as well as larger exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. You can read the full tokenomics here.

What is Seaside Aid?

A private non-profit organization called Seaside Help works to develop comprehensive and sustainable solutions for underserved local communities around the world.

The organization dedicates 10% of its net income to the CSR program and the community. The online vote system determines where donations will go.

The range of operations includes the development of housing infrastructure and facilities, water treatment and renewable energy facilities, education and health systems and water treatment facilities. As the system grows, it will become self-sufficient. It will also help create jobs and improve the standard of living for people in need.

“My traditional business supports the blockchain business, and it’s a perfect fusion. I’ve always believed in the concept of middle ground, where you build a future by paying homage to tenants of the past. That’s how that Seaside Club was created,” says Hussein Karaki.

Final Thoughts

With a guaranteed profit, fusion from traditional businesses to new technologies, Seaside Club helps everyone win on the web3.

Additionally, the club also offers a special series of reality TV shows called “Crypto Hunters”. Crypto hunters combine the world of digital cryptocurrency and NFTs with the real world. If you are looking to earn consistent dividends on investments with transparency, Seaside Club should be something to look into.

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