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Sega Teams Up With Developer For Blockchain-Based Strategy Suite

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Following its earlier interest in the controversial and highly volatile blockchain market, Sega announced its partnership with a Japanese developer to release its first blockchain video game.

As reported by 4Gamer and VGCthe untitled outing will be a new entry in Sega’s strategy series Sangokushi Taisen – a hybrid coin/card game franchise – based on the legendary folklore of Romance of the Three Kingdoms – is popular with Japanese arcade enthusiasts, but is an anomaly on Western soil. Sega authorizes the Double Jump Games studio to license the Sangokushi Taisen IP for its new blockchain project, using the company’s “Oasys” technology. Details are hazy at this point as to what form the blockchain item will take, but characters and artwork from the series will likely be part of the collection process.

As you have probably read, here and elsewhere, the blockchain and NFT market allows the creation of works of art, icons, objects and other tokens to be stored online, with rights of property to buy, trade and sell. . While the past year has seen all manner of franchises and companies quickly declare their love for new technology, the market itself has proven to be incredibly volatile, leading to huge revenue losses, stolen ‘property’ of items and artists’ work stolen and “resold” in NFT format.

Additionally, video game companies trying to implement blockchain/NFT technology into their titles have often backtracked in the face of criticism and derision from their respective communities. For more information on how NFTs and blockchain technology are trying to become part of the mainstream gaming market, you can check out our previous article by Jonathan Holmes.

Sega announced its first blockchain game [VGC]

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