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The Japanese online casino Mystino selected the product from the London-based company SG Veteris to enable cryptocurrency payments on its platform.

Mystino chose Bitpace, SG Veteris’ cryptocurrency-enabled e-commerce tool; a group of fintech services, to enable its users to convert crypto to fiat and settle payments in preferred local currencies.

Regarding its selection, the company acknowledged in its official announcement that the product “offers our customers another convenient way to pay.”

The statement continues: “We see digital currencies growing in popularity and we are confident that Bitpace complements our existing payment method portfolio.

“It offers a solution that requires little involvement on our part, allowing Mystino to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience with every interaction.”

Bitpace offers lower transaction fees than more traditional payment methods such as credit or debit cards. Mystino can now accept payments in a number of cryptocurrencies while being protected from price volatility and can receive the money in either fiat or crypto.

This will also provide another option for paying out big winning withdrawals, which can be trickier via debit or credit cards or bank transactions. By using Bitpace, Mystino will benefit from fast settlements and same-day processing. He was attracted by the fact that it is pay-as-you-go with no upfront fees or fixed payments.

Anil Oncu, Managing Director, SG Veteris

“Accepting crypto through Bitpace is a quick and easy process and as a global business, Mystino can benefit from easy cross-border trading as cryptocurrencies are not subject to foreign currency transaction fees, local taxes or fluctuations in exchange rates,” added Anil OncuCEO of SG Veteris.

“Our goal is to make crypto acceptance a seamless process and increase adoption by attracting consumers looking for more places to spend their crypto.”

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