Shiba Inu’s BONE Surges 130%, JPMorgan Says You Should Sell Your Crypto, SHIB Metaverse Crucial Upgrade Revealed: Crypto News Digest by U.Today

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The last days of summer have been rich in crypto events. Take a look at the most important of them with the four main news from U.Today.

JPMorgan Says You Should Sell Your Crypto

According to the recent Bloomberg report, JPMorgan’s Chief global strategist David Kelly said investors should get rid of their crypto stashes. He thinks the Fed’s warmongering will cause more problems for digital assets. Kelly is also bearish on large-cap tech stocks. This year, Bitcoin traded alongside the heavily tech-weighted Nasdaq 100 index, not serving as an inflation hedge. At press time, the top cryptocurrency is changing hands at $20,315, down nearly 6% in the past week. Bitcoin took a sharp plunge after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech at the Jackson Hole conference, in which he said the central bank would continue its aggressive campaign.

Shiba Inu’s Bone Increases 130% In Two Days With These Events

The main ShibaSwap token, BONE, demonstrated a 110% price increase in two days. Such a creeping spike was likely caused by the flurry of news and speculation about OS list on large centralized crypto exchanges. First, Gate held a vote for listing BONE, then BlueBit officially announced the start of token trading. Thanks to the low liquidity of the token and the listing announcement, the crypto community got very excited and started actively buying BONE. This led to the coin breaking off its all-time highs of 100%, and it is still unclear where its price discovery will end.

Crucial SHIB Metaverse Update Finally Revealed

SHIB Metaverse Developers announced that they will add a crucial upgrade to the project: the WAGMI Temple HUB. This is just one of many HUBs that the THIRD FLOOR (TTF) studio and the Metaverse team are working on together. This particular HUB is intended to be similar to a Zen-like realm, where users can experience calming sensations and practice meditation and “spiritual connections to the world”. The design of the WAGMI Temple was influenced by many temples around the world, such as the Byodo-In Temple and the Temple of Heaven in China, for example. Overall, the SHIB Metaverse will contain 100,595 virtual plots of land.


Cardano’s Input Output Announces Stanford Research Center

Gimbal Developer Enter exit invested $4.5 million in the new research center at Stanford University. The company will provide funding over three years. In a recent interview with Coindesk, Charles Hoskinson said the new research center will allow blockchain development to grow at a faster pace. The brand of a top university will add coveted validity to the cryptocurrency industry. Input Output has collaborated with many universities around the world. In 2017, he sponsored similar blockchain labs at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the University of Edinburgh.

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