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There is only one passive investment strategy that will provide steady, risk-free returns in both bull and bear markets.

Interest-bearing wallets offer secure storage as well as consistent earnings, without requiring you to spend a second on the hands-on management of your capital. Interest rates are unaffected by sudden market changes, making wallet savings plans the most reliable and predictable source of crypto income.

To better understand how they work, let’s look at the ArbiSmart project. Created in 2019, ArbiSmart is a leader EU authorized the financial services ecosystem, which offers one of the most popular and profitable interest-generating wallets in the industry.

Make Huge Passive Profit

With crypto wallets, before you can open a savings plan and be eligible to cash in on your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba Inu, you often need to own a minimum amount of the project’s native token. If the project is thriving and the value of the token increases, it can generate windfall capital gains in addition to portfolio interest.

With ArbiSmart, you must own at least 1,000 RBIS, the native token. This will place you at the Beginner account level. The more RBIS you have, the higher your account level and the higher the interest you earn on savings plans in Bitcoin, Euros or any other supported currency.

The wallets offer better profits than almost any other crypto investment opportunity and the ArbiSmart wallet offers one of the highest in the industry, with rates reaching up to 147% per annum.

Create a plan that meets your needs

If affordability is more important to you than profitability, you can safely store your capital in an interest-free available balance from which it can be withdrawn at any time. Alternatively, you can make a profit by locking up your capital in a savings plan, in a choice of 25 different supported FIATs or cryptocurrencies. All savings plans generate interest, but it should be noted that RBIS balances generate much higher rates.

The longer the funds are stored in a plan, the higher the interest rate. You can choose a 1 month or 3 month plan or lock in funds for an extended period like 2, 3 or 5 years.


How you choose to receive your interest, which is paid daily, will also impact your bottom line. It can be sent to an available balance from which it is always withdrawable, separate from the blocked capital on which it is earned, or for a better rate it can be added to the blocked savings balance. Another option, yielding an even higher return, is to receive the daily interest from the RBIS and store it in a locked balance until the plan expires.

Eliminate risk to your capital

To assess the risk to your capital, you need to know how it is used once it is locked up in a portfolio. It is essential to understand how projects like ArbiSmart generate the profits that allow them to offer such high interest.

ArbiSmart uses the deposited funds to carry out automated crypto arbitrage, a zero-risk investment strategy that takes advantage of price inefficiencies. These are temporary differences in the price of a coin from exchange to exchange, and they happen all the time, regardless of which direction the market is moving. ArbiSmart’s algorithmic trading system, integrated with nearly 40 exchanges, tracks hundreds of coins around the clock, looking for inefficiencies. Capable of executing a huge volume of trades simultaneously, it buys the coin on the exchange offering the lowest price and then instantly sells on the exchange offering the highest price.


Since price inefficiencies occur the same in all market conditions, crypto arbitrage offers excellent hedging against market volatility and is able to deliver predictable and consistent profits.

Explore additional opportunities

Many wallets are part of a larger financial ecosystem, which can present a wide variety of crypto opportunities.

At ArbiSmart, in addition to interest from savings plans, portfolio holders realize capital gains on the ever-increasing RBIS price. The available supply is shrinking as the wallet grows in popularity and more people lock funds into savings plans and withdraw them from circulation. The amount of RBIS that can ever be created is finite and as demand exceeds supply the price will rise.

Demand will be pushed even higher, with the launch of all new financial services planned for the next 5 months, all of which will require the use of RBIS. These include a mobile app for buying, trading and storing cryptos, a collection of NFT, a DeFi protocol for yield producers, an NFT marketplace, a play-to-earn metaverse, and a crypto exchange. These interconnected services will drive the use of RBIS, while offering their own individual profit opportunities, from gaming and NFT collection to trading and providing liquidity.


Anyone who signs up for ArbiSmart and opens a wallet within 72 hours of the publication of this article will receive 1,000 fee points, raising them to Beginner Account Level 1. This means they will be able to earn interest on BTC , ETH, EUR , GBP and other currencies, without having to buy RBIS. To receive your loyalty points open wallet now!

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