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Super Protocol Announces Open Call for Strategic Partners and Investors to Lead Its Next Round



An open call for strategic partners and investors to lead the next cycle of the Super Protocol has been launched. Super Protocol is a decentralized platform powered by Intel SGX designed to make confidential computing accessible to a wide audience of application developers.

To facilitate the next generation of decentralized cloud services, Super Protocol is developing a distributed platform. Super Protocol is designed to create a network of service providers and make native Web3 confidential computing by leveraging Intel SGX technology.

The project’s core technology has been delivered, and it’s gaining traction with the steady stream of new developers joining its Testnet (10,000+ apps and counting) and the launch of a promotional staking program, both of which will grow the project. profile in the Web3 community.

Strategic partners willing to contribute and benefit are being sought as the team progresses in building the infrastructure of the Super Protocol ecosystem. Synergy-generating partnerships have several essential characteristics in common:

  • Funds and VCs with web-centric portfolios3: Achieve true decentralization and uncompromising security using the super protocol for calculations and data processing.
  • Cloud Providers: Become super protocol providers and leverage underutilized resources.
  • Large enterprises and enterprises working with personal/sensitive data: Use the Super Protocol to protect data in all three states (at rest, in motion, and in use).

Most developers are used to working with traditional cloud services. however, Super Protocol decouples these layers of decentralization and resource management so that developers can focus on building products rather than security issues and data leaks. The super protocol is poised to become an integral part of future internet infrastructure as it was developed at a time when privacy and data protection needs were high and growing.



“We are excited to deliver the product that would truly make life easier for developers and help them mitigate a number of the risks associated with handling confidential data. The confidence that we are able to do this comes from our current partners (such as Intel and Cloud Sigma) and, of course, from within our team. Yulia Gontar, Head of Strategic Growth at Super Protocol.

Cogitent Ventures, private venture capital firms, and angel investors led the previous funding round, helping Super Protocol make significant progress toward its goals. Finalizing and expanding the product into a self-sufficient platform is the next step.

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PR contact:

Yulia Gontar: Head of Strategic Growth

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