Tamadoge partners with Transak to enable crypto purchases

With the growing popularity of play-to-earn games, an exciting new project, Tamadoge, has become a partner with Transak, which is a developer integration for fiat to crypto payment gateway. This partnership means that users will be able to buy Ether (ETH) using a local payment method or card and then convert it to TAMA using Transak.

Tamadoge is a fun ecosystem, and TAMA is a meme coin with utility that will allow users to unlock all the cool features Tamadoge has to offer. Players will have the chance to hit the pets they can breed and care for, as well as fight with them when the time comes. Battles will bring Dogepoints to owners and help them climb the leaderboard. Players with the highest scores will receive the best prizes. Over time, the things players can do will expand to exploring augmented reality (AR). The AR application is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of the following year, which will allow players to have their pets nearby.

With this newly established partnership with Transak, future Tamadoge players will be able to purchase ETH by choosing one of 28 payment methods, such as ApplePay, Credit and Debit Card, Maya, and many more, depending on preference. Everyone is welcome to use these options easily, including experienced crypto investors, newcomers, and recreational gamers. Transak is now recommended as a preferred payment method by Tamadoge, which will speed up the process and help everyone seamlessly adopt this system.

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Why is Tamadoge so popular?

Tamadoge is a fusion of the game-to-win system and the crypto market. It has a retro vibe as it brought the spirit of the 90s when we loved Tamagochi pets and carried them everywhere we went. Now with Tamadoge we can customize pets and buy them toys, cosmetic items and whatever we want to make them stand out. Each animal is an NFT that owners can trade on the market or resell them.

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