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The best way to stake your crypto safely

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The many advantages of cryptocurrency staking include its potential high returns, minimal costs, and simplicity.

The benefits of staking

Staking presents a low effort passive investing strategy. It offers a relatively stable stream of income, which requires nothing more than locking up your crypto for a set period of time and allowing it to be used to support the protocol. Your funds can then be used to ensure the accuracy of blockchain transactions. This can often be done directly through your wallet, while you take care of other things.

In addition to offering high returns of 10% on average, another major advantage of staking is that it is a very low-cost venture, especially compared to passive investment strategies for financial assets. traditional ones which may involve much higher fees.

Characteristics of a Great Staking Opportunity

As with any form of investing, some staking opportunities are less effort, greener, and more lucrative than others. Using the example of ArbiSmart, a popular interest-generating wallet and a financial services ecosystem, let’s see how a smarter staking approach can make a major difference.

1. Higher profit potential

Profits from staking tend to average between 5% and 15% However, at ArbiSmart you can receive well over 100% profit per year from staking, depending on your account level. You will earn generous rewards, just for placing your funds in a locked staking plan, for a chosen period ranging from 1 month to 5 years. You will earn a higher return the more capital you wager, the longer the wagering period, and the more RBIS, the native token, you own.

Moreover, according to recent analyst projections, the RBIS token is expected to grow by 950% by the end of the first quarter of 2023, increasing profits for platform users with unparalleled capital gains.

2. A more secure staking option

Most staking opportunities come with a few risks against which ArbiSmart users are fully protected.

First, if for example, you want to stake Ethereum, you need to stake a large number of tokens to become a full validator, so if the price of ETH goes down, your capital will also lose value.

Additionally, your exposure is increased by numerous automated market making protocols. Thus, tokens in a staking pool can be vulnerable to bad actors, including dishonest developers or whales withdrawing all of their cash at once. This could lead to a price crash as there is not enough liquidity left for other participants to access.

However, at ArbiSmart, regardless of which direction the market is moving and regardless of the actions of other staking participants, you will receive the same consistent return on investment for the entire period that your funds are locked into a staking plan. saving.

Moreover, in a recent article, has named ArbiSmart a leader in the security offensive to restore confidence in the crypto markets, following the FTX scandal. The article notes that the Registered in the EU the project “never uses user funds for business expenses…operates with proper licenses since early 2019…and has no records of hacking or infringement.” It also acknowledges that ArbiSmart is part of a select group of transparent and good players in that it is not affiliated with any other crypto service provider, is not operated and does not use not RBIS, the native token, as a way to manipulate market valuation. for excessively leveraged positions. Detailed company and account records are kept securely, with user funds separate from company funds and adherence to the strictest risk management protocols.

3. A greener alternative

Proof-of-work (PoW) staking involves a huge energy cost, as miners need immense computing power, for higher hash rate, which translates into better rewards, all of which have an environmental impact important. On the other hand, ArbiSmart offers an energy-efficient alternative. You can earn exceptionally generous rewards the more coins you wager, with no negative impact on the environment.

The ArbiSmart example shows that staking can be a great, secure way to keep your crypto running and with the right platform, it can provide an exceptional earning opportunity.

Sign up with ArbiSmart, within 72 hours of the publication of this article and lock in a value of €5,000 in any supported currency for at least 24 months, to receive a bonus of up to 35%. The bonus will be granted in the same currency as the blocked balance and will be blocked with the main deposit for the duration of the plan.

Stake funds today, and contact the team via chat, referring to this message, to claim your bonus.

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