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“The Mark Is No More” – AAX Crypto Exchange Likely Won’t Reopen

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 5:34 PM

Ben Caselin was named vice-president two weeks before the operation was halted

The beleaguered cryptocurrency exchange AAX is unlikely to be revived, and the brand “is no more”, according to its former vice president who resigned earlier this week.

Ben Caselin took to Twitter today to explain in more detail what he thinks is going on at the Seychelles-based company which suddenly shut down on November 13, saying it had made the object of a “malicious attack”.

Last week, AAX said it believed it would resume operations, but Caselin confirmed that was not his belief.

“Everyone is waiting for action. I still believe things will be handled without bad intentions, but the damage is done. The brand is gone and the trust is shattered,” he said.

Caselin was only named vice president a month ago after being promoted from his role as head of research and strategy and vice president of global marketing and communications.

At the time – just two weeks before the operation was halted – the company said the appointment “reinforces AAX’s commitment to driving the mass adoption of Bitcoin and digital assets through educational content. , community building and empowerment programs, especially in developing countries”.

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