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The Morning Briefing: Rathbones dumbbell strategy and financial resilience plummet | Money Marketing

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Rathbones Dumbbell Strategy

Rathbones, senior fund manager of multi-asset portfolios, said David Coombs Money Marketing reposition the range of multi-asset funds following the barbell strategy.

The barbell strategy involves investing in both high-risk and risk-free assets and less or no focus on medium-risk ones. The goal of this strategy is to strike a balance between reward and risk by focusing on two extremes.

Financial resilience falls

According to a recent study by Legal & General, the average UK working household is only 19 days away from the financial crisis if they were to lose their jobs.

The Deadline to Breadline report found that the financial resilience of UK households has declined by 21% since 2020. The length of time households can fund basic expenses fell from 24 days to 19 days in April 2020.

Disruption of data protection

The industry believes that the consumer rights regulations confirmed in PS22/9 at the end of July will be the most significant regulatory change in our industry for several years.

I see things differently. While consumer duty rules are both important and welcome, another document released the previous week will, in the long run, have an even greater impact on both our industry and our personal lives. This is the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill.

quote of the day

The NHS faces a number of headwinds, but they are made worse by problems with NHS pensions

– Graham Crossley, NHS pensions expert at Quilter, comments on figures obtained by Quilter via a freedom of information request, which revealed that more than 7,470 doctors and nurses could face a financial penalty on their pensions once the powers of the coronavirus law expire

Stat Attack

The total crypto market capitalization, according to CoinMarketCap, is down 6.6% for the week to $952 billion.


Amount by which Bitcoin is down since last week


It fell below the $20,000 mark at the start of the day on Monday August 29


Amount of Ethereum lost


Ethereum amount fell to


Cardano Amount Dropped


Amount Solana dropped

24 dots

Cryptocurrency Fear and Greed Index Amount Through Monday, August 29

Source: CoinMarketCap

By the way

The EU will unveil emergency measures to curb soaring energy prices (FinancialTimes)

Fed rate hikes won’t bring inflation down as long as government spending remains elevated, the paper said (CNBC)

The Moscow Stock Exchange is considering the first “replacement bonds” in September (Reuters)

Have you seen?

The 14the of April 2009 has a special memory for me. This is the day I turned €1 into €100.

How? By correctly predicting the final score of the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final between Liverpool and Chelsea.

The match ended in a 4-4 draw, which saw the Blues advance to the semi-finals. I still believe to this day that I missed out on an exciting career as a professional player.

In fact, I spent more time in 2009 researching data on football, baseball and ice hockey teams and players than preparing for my baccalaureate.

Jean-Baptiste Andrieux’s last test of the weekend for Money Marketing examines whether annuities have a future.

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