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The Most Popular Types of Crypto Trading Strategies

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Trading is a popular way to make money using different assets including stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. To master this way of winning, years of practice and experience are needed. A few traders get it right the first time, and those who rely on luck often get burned in the end.
Success in crypto trading has nothing to do with luck, actually, or maybe just a small percentage.
The lion’s share of success in trading belongs to:
 in-depth knowledge of strategies;
 cool head;
 ability to assess risks and cover them;
 understanding of market trends;
 Lots of practice.

How do traders choose a cryptocurrency trading strategy?

Let’s start by listing the main trading strategies:
 buy and hold;
 swing;
 intraday;
 Sculpt.
To select an appropriate method, you must try all of them. If you’re worried that you’re not ready for momentum trading, start with the long-term approach – buy and hold assets. For example, you are interested in Chainlink crypto. You buy it and hold it until the price of the link goes up, then sell it at a higher rate and make money. This strategy does not require daily tracking habits or quick decision making. You take your time to analyze market trends, investigate charts, find patterns, etc. Based on the information
received, you suggest the month or year when the asset is growing and you sell it. The buy-and-hold strategy can take months and years.
The swing method is something between the daily strategy and the buy and hold strategy. It takes a few weeks and can last a few months.
If you want to trade daily, choose the intraday trading strategy. Pick the perfect time to buy an asset (it should be time before the markets start to work) and sell coins during peak hours. The main thing here is to close your positions in 24 hours.
Scalping trading takes anywhere from seconds to 15 minutes and requires automated programs that follow the market and open and close positions without your input but within the parameters you set.
Take the opportunity to practice the trading style using the WhiteBIT demo trading account to choose the perfect strategy for yourself. WhiteBIT offers a handy crypto price list with charts and all possible tools.


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