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The native token of this Crypto Analytics platform is selling fast in presale with 50x gains expected in 2023!

For too long, crypto investors have had to go it alone when making their trading decisions. Unlike their traditional stock market counterparts, these crypto investors did not have the technological tools to help them track every move of the huge list of crypto projects out there.

As if that weren’t enough, there are so many new crypto projects hitting the market and entering pre-sale that it is very difficult to decipher what is real and what is not. Finally, the fact that the future value of crypto projects is so closely tied to what is being talked about on social media adds another difficult element that these investors need to track.

Finally, there is a new cryptanalytics platform called Trade Dash 2 (D2T) this solves all that for crypto traders. By providing incredible insights and data points, the D2T platform makes crypto trading easier, simpler, more direct, and more efficient.

As a concept, the D2T crypto project is proving its worth in the pre-sale stages, and 50x earnings are expected in 2023. Below, we will talk more about this impressive new crypto project, as well as Calvary (RIA) and TAX two other new crypto projects that are making waves in their own right.

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Get amazing trading insights with Dash 2 Trade
There are so many amazing things about Dash 2 Trade that it’s hard to list them all. The world-class crypto analytics and social trading platform makes it easier for crypto traders to make informed decisions.

Included in this platform are trading signals that provide buy/sell opportunities in the market, social sentiment, on-chain analysis so traders can spot coin trends, a strategy builder and trading tools. trading that make it easier to trade and adopt new strategies, crypto listing alerts to get announcements of new listings and much more.

The entire center of the ecosystem is the D2T token. It is launched as an ERC-10 token on the Ethereum network, giving users access to the crypto analytics platform, signals, and social trading features.

Some of the best things about Dash 2 Trade are how it connects other users with each other. Crypto traders can pick up the style and strategies that other traders use and then implement them as part of their own strategy. There is also a back-end testing system, where users can test new strategies to see if they would work – without having to risk real money.

And there is also a weekly prediction contest, where users can not only have fun but also win exciting and awesome rewards.

As if that weren’t enough, Dash 2 Trade has just received some exciting news. LBank, the well-known crypto trading exchange, has agreed to list D2T once all presale steps have been completed. This lends even more credence to why the project is going to be such a hit. The LBank listing also lends legitimacy to a new crypto project that is only in presale. This helps separate Dash 2 Trade from many other presale cryptos that do not have this type of vote of confidence.

If you want to participate in the Dash 2 Trade blitz, be sure to do so soon. D2T is already more than halfway through its Phase 3 presale, with a price increase coming soon. They have already raised about $5.7 million of its goal of $8.8 million. So don’t delay.

Calvaria recruits new crypto players in a unique way
Calvaria (RIA) has launched a new combat card game in the P2E space that recruits new players in a unique way. Instead of just explaining the benefits of crypto gambling to an inexperienced audience, Calvaria is creating a new engaged and captive audience by offering a free version of their addictive game.
Those playing the free version on mobile apps or PCs will be informed along the way about how the crypto version works – and how much they would have won had they purchased the NFT card game. It’s a simple, non-scary way to introduce inexperienced crypto players into the P2E world, and creates a highly engaged player for the long haul.
Calvaria is already seeing impressive returns, with 77% of the tokens available in Presale Stage 4 already sold out.
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IMPT brings carbon credits to the blockchain

Carbon offset credits are such an important part of countries and companies around the world meeting their ambitious emissions reduction targets. The problem is that the carbon offset market is, at best, poor.

Enter IMPT, a new crypto project that brings carbon offsets to the blockchain. By decentralizing the process, IMPT makes carbon offset credits completely transparent, which avoids double counting and fraud.

Through the platform, businesses, individuals, government agencies and many others can buy, sell or withdraw carbon credits, putting the power of carbon reduction in their hands. Individuals can also reduce their own carbon footprint by shopping from one of the platform’s impressive lists of international brands.
IMPT has already made its way through a first presale, and is half sold out in Stage 2 of the presale. So act now if you want to enter the field of this impactful carbon offset program.

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Invest in these awesome crypto projects now
We have covered just a few of the reasons why you should invest in the awesome new crypto projects Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, and IMPT. There are many more, but there just isn’t enough room to list them all.

So, head over to each site and get in on the action now, as everyone’s price should go up when the next pre-sale stage ends for each.


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