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The “New Frontier” of Crypto Laundering Involves Cross-Chain Bridges and DEXs: Elliptic By Cointelegraph

Crypto Laundering’s ‘New Frontier’ Involves Cross-Chain Bridges and DEXs: Elliptic

New research from blockchain analytics and crypto compliance firm Elliptic has revealed the extent to which cross-chain bridges and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have removed barriers for cybercriminals.

In an October 4 report Titled “The State of Cross-Chain Crime,” Elliptic Eray researchers Arda Akartuna and Thibaud Madelin took a deep dive into what they described as “the new frontier in crypto laundering.” The report summarizes that the free flow of capital between crypto assets is now freer due to the emergence of new technologies such as bridges and DEXs.

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