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The RBTR token combines the concepts of arbitrage and cryptocurrency trading to enhance trading strategies.

BOULDER, COLORADO, Aug. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RTGS Token presents an arbitrage platform designed to meet the robotic needs required in arbitrage trading. The company developed the platform to provide its crypto traders and investors with a platform where they could easily use a robot to seize arbitrage opportunities and earn profitable returns.

With the Arbitrage platform, market imbalances are not a hindrance to the ability of traders and investors to profit immediately and without taking risks. Users can make money fast using the platform’s arbitrage trading bots – programmed to identify price dispensaries and transact between them in order to profit quickly. To do this, it takes advantage of all the cryptocurrency exchanges accessible on the platform.

RTGS Token recently announced the launch of Arbitrage bot token. According to the company, interested traders and investors should buy $RTB tokens to successfully start arbitrage trading on the platform.

According to the official website of the company, the $RBTR is listed in the most reputable exchanges. To purchase the $RBTR token, interested users can visit the website.

There are 1,000,000,000 tokens available for the $RBTR. 20% of the tokens will be made available on the market through ICOs and private sales. Team and Founder owned tokens will initially be locked for a period of one year and then unlocked for three years (until Q2 of 2026).

The Arbitrage Platform is an automated trading platform where users must purchase $RBTR tokens to access the platform and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. The platform is designed by an American startup “RTGS TokenThe company aims to provide arbitrage trading solutions through the use of robots by developing this platform.

Over the past few years, traders and investors have gradually shifted their transactions from other markets to the cryptocurrency market. Since the cryptocurrency offers a favorable return in a shorter time frame, it has attracted more attention from interested traders. However, with lucrative returns, crypto is also quite risky due to its volatile nature.

Due to the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, arbitrage trading has been modified by investors and traders to ensure a profitable return without assuming any risk.

The term “arbitrage trading” refers to a type of trading in which the price of a digital currency in two different exchanges varies so much that it is profitable to buy the currency at a cheaper exchange and sell it at a more expensive purse at the same time.

Also, since arbitrage opportunities are rare and sometimes only last a few seconds, there is little chance that a trader will succeed in an arbitrage trade. This is why the use of robots is necessary when trading arbitrage opportunities.

For more information and to buy Arbitrage bot tokeninterested users can visit the website here.



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