This Crypto Raised Over $10 Million In Presale In 4 Weeks, And Experts Say It Will Explode 30 Times By 2023

There are many reasons why Tamadoge is considered the best project 2022 and the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Recent events show that it is correct, and indeed this is the last time to invest in the currency at affordable prices. If we look at the numbers, they show how impressive this currency is, so the rise of over $2 million in just 25 days is telling. The latest fantastic news is that $10 million has been raised for this P2E project, which happened in a bear market.

This currency has many advantages that many buyers have recognized over the past few months. If we look at the pre-sale, almost half of the tokens are sold, so it is the last time to invest. Keep in mind that the price will be $0.0025 higher than this phase, so hurry and take your amount as an investment.

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How to find TAMA?

Tamadoge is a popular P2E game model, where even beginners and beginners, and non-cryptic players can find interesting details to grasp. The model is based on the popular Dogecoin and Shiba Inu games in recent years, with updated and improved information for many players. This new dual-currency meme coin has much more attractive details, which will be interesting for players not to leave the game at any time. All should keep players hooked for a long time and strongly connected to investing in parts of the game that drive up the price of tokens.

The base of the game is a pet that players buy from a particular market and nurture, nurture, and care for until they reach adulthood. During this time, the owner can invest in accessories, necessities and new pets, all of which are offered in certain in-game stores. This is the part where this game becomes a classic NFT game model, where the players will be able to create their models in the next phase. If the player forgets the animal, it will die out and become a Tamaghost. However, this will hardly happen as the game has many huge advantages that few interested players easily accept.

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