This crypto startup offers zero trading fees on crypto coins

The weTrade crypto trading platform offers users the ability to buy or sell crypto tokens with no trading fees. Investors can transact digital assets on this platform for as low as Rs 100.

Bengaluru-based WeTrade has eliminated trading fees for over 50 coins available on its platform, including Bitcoin, Solana and Ethereum, to make it both simple and rewarding for users.

The company offers the most user-friendly KYC experience, while maintaining the highest levels of oversight to ensure the safety of client assets.

The platform also includes a mature auditing and tracing mechanism to ensure clients trade worry-free and receive benefits while complying with tax regulations.

Prashant Kumar, Founder and CEO of weTrade, said, “We aim to make cryptocurrencies easy and rewarding for our users by offering zero trading fees. We are poised to become a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants exposure to a diverse set of assets in the crypto world.”

we Trade also offers 1% instant cashback on all cryptocurrencies and 100% TDS cashback. weTrade gives NFTs to all early adopters upon signing up in the app. Users can transfer the NFT gift to their wallets which can be redeemed.

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