This will be the bullish macro signal we’ve been waiting for: Founder of Crypto Capital Venture

Youri Molchan

Dan Gambardello shares what the bullish macro signals market should watch out for

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Crypto Capital Venture Founder Dan Gambardello believes that, now, the bear market bottom for crypto is going to be set, naming the bullish macro signal for crypto that the community has been waiting for.

This bullish signal is a sense of calm, which will become increasingly “audible” as “weak hands” leave the crypto. Many other influencers repeat the same thesis from time to time – the more “paper hands” give up, the better it is for the cryptocurrency market as a whole. In this way, the “diamond hands” will be able to pick up what the first have dropped.

Judging by the tweet, the bear market bottom may last for months.

In early August, a pseudonymous crypto analyst popular on Twitter “Rekt Capital” tweeted that historically the Bitcoin bear market bottom is expected to come in Q4 2022 as the next Bitcoin halving is expected to take place. in April 2024.


He shared data, according to which in 2015 and 2018 Bitcoin bottomed out in 517-547 days before the halving.

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