TIDEFI Crypto Exchange Inks Partnership with ATH Vodka

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New decentralized cryptocurrency exchange TIDEFI shares details of its partnership with premium vodka brand


  • TIDEFI DEX partners with premium brand All Time High (ATH) Vodka
  • ATH token debuts on Tidechain

The next-generation layer 1 blockchain Tidechain will integrate the native community cryptocurrency of a major vodka brand. This collaboration is designed to set new standards for joint Web2 and Web3 marketing and business development campaigns.

TIDEFI DEX partners with premium brand All Time High (ATH) Vodka

According to the official announcement shared by TIDEFIa new crypto exchange ecosystem based on its own layer 1 protocol Tidechain, it has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with All Time High (ATH) Vodka.

ATH Vodka is the first premium vodka brand that leverages its own native cryptocurrency as a tool for community management. Its ATH token is used to reward community members for their activity.

Besides rewards, the ATH token is a symbol of real-world utility: it allows members of the brand community to benefit from the growth and success of the ATH Vodka brand.

ATH Vodka is the first flagship brand of spirits launched by Reset Drinks Ltd, a heavyweight with 40 years of experience in the HoReCa industry.

Prince Yemoh, CEO of ATH Vodka, is excited about the opportunities this integration opens up for his product, his consumers and his community:

Our partnership with TIDEFI has enabled ATH Vodka, through blockchain technology, to serve as a bridge between the two industries to unlock and bring real value and utility to the masses in the form of tangible digital rewards.

The collaboration with the next-generation Web3 ecosystem will boost ATH Vodka’s exposure to venues, music festivals, celebrities, artists, sports stars and high-net-worth individuals, the team says.

ATH token debuts on Tidechain

As a key part of this collaboration, ATH Vodka will release its eponymous token ATH on Tidechain, a blockchain that supercharges TIDEFI. The token will go live with an initial supply of 1,000,000,000 assets distributed through the sale of ATH-branded products and a public IDO procedure through TIDEFI DEX.

Even before its public release, users can start acquiring the ATH token by staking TDFY. While the ATH unlock will be available in the first quarter of 2023, TIDEFI supporters can start awarding it today.

CEO and co-founder of TIDEFI Daniel Elsawey points out that the collaboration between the blockchain, DEX and the vodka brand is innovative for 2022:

This is the first tokenized real-world product on Tidefi. We’re taking tokenization one step further to the masses to allow real-world businesses and products to benefit from being closer and allowing their community members to interact with them in more than just a transactional relationship.

Holders of more than 10,000 ATH will be eligible for a special invitation-only premium program with a group of exclusive partners linked to festivals, VIP clubs, luxury hotels, restaurants, etc.

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