Today in Crypto: Joint Operation Busts $16M Crypto Fraud, Kraken Pro and Kraken NFT Go Live, OpenSea Blocks 30 Cuban Creators

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Crime News

  • the European Union Agency for Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters (Eurojust) announced that with its support, the authorities of Italy and Albania busted an online investment fraud involving crypto. By according to the press release, 3 million euros ($3.2 million) in assets were seized in the operation. The total damage caused is estimated at 15 million euros ($15.9 million).

Exchange news

  • kraken announced the public launch of KrakenPro, with a full suite of trading tools and access to spot trading, margin trading, staking and portfolio management. Kraken Pro is specially designed for advanced traders, and it comes with the Kraken Pro app, said the press release.
  • kraken also announced the launch of the public beta version of Kraken NFTthe market built from the ground up for collectors to explore, discover and trade non-fungible tokens (NFT), said the press release. At launch, Kraken NFT will feature over 110 of the largest NFT collections, they added. The market includes zero fees, creator income, rarity rankings, and over 200 funding options.
  • OKX released its second Proof of Reserves (PoR), indicating that it would release PoRs monthly approximately on the 22nd day of each month. By the press release, users can now view and verify the results of two PoRs themselves on the website using open source tools. New features also allow users to view OKX reserve ratios for new and historical data and download files containing this data.
  • Crypto exchange Bullish and ad hoc acquisition company (SPAC) Far Peak Acquisition Company agreed to cancel their merger plan. By a statement, companies would not be able to satisfy the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SECOND) requirements for registration by the end of this year.

NFT News

  • Accounts over 30 Cuban creators would have been delisted on the OpenSea market. “We Comply with U.S. Sanctions Law”, Artnet News reportedquoting an OpenSea spokesperson who added: “Our Terms of Use explicitly prohibit Sanctioned Persons, Persons in Sanctioned Jurisdictions or Services from using OpenSea.”

Regulatory News

  • the US Securities and Exchange CommissionActing chief accountant Paul Munter has warned investors to take adults with reserve evidence with a grain of salt. “We caution investors to beware of some of the claims made by crypto companies,” Munter said. Told The Wall Street Journal, adding, “Investors shouldn’t place too much faith in the mere fact that a company claims to have obtained proof of reserves from an auditing firm.” The SEC has warned investors and auditing firms that if it finds “patterns of fact” troublesome, it will consider a referral to the Enforcement Division.

Blockchain news

  • BNB Channel announced that its decentralized applications (dapps) were attracting more than a million Web3 wallets in 2022, saying it has surpassed Ethereum (ETH) in the number of unique addresses. According to a press release, BNB Chain currently has 232 million unique addresses.

DeFi News

  • Robotexa company working to improve the fundamentals of automated market makers (AMM), joined the Chain link BUILD program, where they will receive benefits including access to and integration of automation nodes through Chainlink Automation, on-chain data security through Chainlink Data Feeds, and access to new alpha and beta versions of the Chainlink product, said the announcement. In exchange for these services, Robodex will make 3% of its total token supply at launch available to Chainlink service providers, including stakers, over a period of time.

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