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The global adoption of social media is steadily increasing day by day, with more than half of the world’s population or approximately 4.7 billion people currently using social media as of July 2022. Additionally, with more than 130 of between them operating on the internet, social media sites are positioned as an ideal place for people to learn, connect and grow, regardless of the industry or environment they are in.

Interestingly, the same goes for the booming cryptocurrency industry, as many investors or crypto enthusiasts often go to Facebook (NASDAQ:) and join various groups with the aim of being part of an online community. Among other things, these types of communities help members build unity, learn about crypto investments, and find out about the newest updates or innovations being developed in the crypto world.

Likewise, with the growing popularity of digital assets and the general appeal of the digital asset ecosystem (DAE), people increasingly need to arm themselves with relevant knowledge about the space. As a result, there are dozens of Facebook groups dedicated to crypto investors and others interested in crypto education in general. Unfortunately, not all of them are as useful as they seem. In this article, you will learn about the best crypto Facebook groups to join and what they have to offer. Let’s start!

12. Cryptocurrency News 2022

Topping the list is none other than one of the most informative Facebook groups on Zuckerberg’s platform: Cryptocurrency News 2022. crypto industry.

With over 20,000 members, the Facebook group highly values ​​authenticity, uniqueness, relevance and transparency of information. Their collective goal is to add value to your cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge by providing a continuous and actionable insider view of everything the crypto industry has to offer on a daily basis. It’s a public group, so anyone on or off Facebook can see who’s in the group and what they’re posting.

11. Cryptocurrency Academy

If you are curious about investing in , , and other cryptocurrencies, then this Facebook group gives you a great advantage to gain the knowledge you need. Cryptocurrency Academy is a Facebook group where members learn all about cryptocurrencies. Even if you’re already invested in it and just want to pick other people’s brains, this group comes highly recommended.

10. Captain Altcoin – Cryptocurrency Community

The Facebook group Captain Altcoin – Cryptocurrency Community provides up-to-date information for anyone interested in cryptocurrency and creates discussions around the world of crypto.

With over 32,000 members, the group will make it easy for you to get into the crypto world if you are a beginner and want to build a solid foundation. However, being a private group, you must be invited exclusively to join the Facebook group, which further implies that random Facebook users cannot see who is in the group and what they post.

9. Bitcoin

Named after the world’s leading cryptocurrency, the Facebook Bitcoin Group aims to help you find the best, latest, and most reliable information about Bitcoin.

The group, which has more than 50,000 members, also offers tutorials on the most interesting aspects of Bitcoin based on recent developments. Unlike other closed groups, the Facebook Bitcoin Group is open to everyone, allowing anyone to access and participate without special permission. You also have access to YouTube videos on important topics regarding the greatest digital asset. Obviously, this is a great group to be part of. Check it out.

8. Crypto Warriors

Crypto Warriors is an insightful cryptocurrency group that provides up-to-date news and information about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. This page is for beginners and professionals alike to access relevant information on a wide range of digital assets, saving you hours and days that would have been spent clearing the noise from the internet.

Although it offers general information about cryptocurrencies, it is the only group that has its own token, Crypto Warriors Token (CWT), which is specifically for the Facebook group; in particular, members use the token to participate in contests and win prizes. Moreover, the group engages in quality crypto discussions and opens your mind to the immense possibilities of crypto.

7. Cryptocurrency Collectors Club

With over 75,000 members, Cryptocurrency Collectors Club (CCC) is a Facebook group that serves as a breeding ground for crypto beginners. It has a long list of members who have tons of knowledge easily accessible to anyone at any time. If you’re new to crypto, you should find getting started quite easy and very useful.

The Facebook group is also suitable for anyone looking for more information in the cryptocurrency space, which implies that it is also a good place to be a professional. CCC is guided by rules that ensure transparent communication and prevent scammers, so you should be safe in this group.

6. Cryptocurrency investment

Launched in 2017, Cryptocurrency Investing is a group of over 74,000 community members, solely for the benefit of crypto investors. In this group, you will have access to timely and relevant information or materials on investing, including videos and SM messages.

Here, members can ask questions publicly and ask other investors and professionals to answer your questions. The group also publishes news and some price predictions. If you are new to crypto and need a group of people to guide you on how to start a large network of investments, then this group is ideal. You don’t need any special permission to join the group.

5. Crypto Arena

Crypto Arena is one of the largest and oldest Facebook cryptocurrency communities in the world. It is a group that opens its arms to new and existing crypto users and enthusiasts around the world. With over 360,000 members and counting, the group is dedicated to educating people about cryptocurrency. In addition to that, it also publishes free earnings and trading tips and signals. Since everyone is welcome, you should definitely check them out.

4. The Brain of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mastermind Facebook group was created 11 years ago to meet the needs of crypto users looking for crypto and bitcoin news or a community in the space to belong.

In this group, members will learn from each other, including a large number of professionals and information specialists in the crypto industry. The group is guided by a series of rules that control people and ensure the advancement of its goals. It has over 477,000 members, which means it is highly sought after by crypto users around the world. Finally, being a private group, you cannot access group information unless you have been invited to join.

3. Helium | | Ethereum | Bitcoin – Crypto Holders

This Facebook group is in our top three due to its diverse information centered around the crypto space. The group’s goal is to create a safe and friendly environment that unites people around crypto mining and trading.

Members of a group share interesting facts, news, events and profitable information with each other to ensure everyone’s growth. It has over 322,000 members and it is a public Facebook group. Their goal is to create a safe and friendly environment that unites people around crypto mining and trading.


The Solana Facebook group is a private platform entirely based on the Solana ecosystem. It has over 230,000 members talking and learning about Solana, NFT projects, play-to-earn games, Metaverse, DeFi and more. It is certainly the most active Solana group.

New Solana enthusiasts who want to learn all about the public blockchain platform, among other things, usually join this group. However, keep in mind that this is a private group, so you must subscribe to see the content that is posted to the group.

1. Ethereum Group

It is perhaps the largest crypto group on Facebook with its opening year in 2014. The Ethereum group, as it is called, mainly focuses on the Ethereum ecosystem. It is so big that it has over 490,000 members all interested in Ethereum.

This group constantly shares trade insights from top traders and crypto education along with in-depth accounts of upcoming projects. Many crypto users join this group in order not to miss any critical information about Ethereum. However, this is a private group, so you will need to apply to become a member, and you will not be able to see any information unless you are a member. So why not give it a shot?

Why You Should Care

Whether you’re an investor, trader, or just a crypto enthusiast, you’ll find one or more of these groups helpful. They cater to both budding crypto traders and veterans alike.

If you need professional support and advice, these groups are open to you and will guide you on what to do next. Of course, scams and fake news are still out there, but these groups have measures in place to mitigate these issues. Facebook can really help you become an expert in all things crypto.

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