Twitter’s Plan for Crypto Integration Remains Unknown, Community Explores Dogecoin Tip Jar for Social Media

  • Twitter is working on integrating crypto payments after Elon Musk filed for the microblogging platform to become a financial services company.
  • As the Dogecoin community waits for Twitter’s next steps, a DOGE influencer has designed a tip jar that allows users with a wallet address to accept tips at no additional cost.
  • Experts believe that DOGE is on track to continue its rally and the coin meme is gathering liquidity ahead of hitting $0.7777.

Twitter, a popular microblogging platform owned by Elon Musk, has been filed for being a financial services company. As the crypto community awaits crypto onboarding plans from the social media giant, the DOGE community has identified a tool to accept tips on Twitter and other digital platforms.

The meme coin price is struggling to recover from the recent pullback to $0.0852, experts believe DOGE is gathering liquidity ahead of the next leg.

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Twitter Crypto Plans Remain Unknown, Community Finds Way To Accept DOGE Cheats

from Twitter crypto the plans have been the subject of speculation in the meme coin community since Elon Musk’s takeover of the social media giant. Musk is a supporter of the Shiba-Inu themed DOGE cryptocurrency and he is identified as the self-proclaimed “Dogefather”.

The community therefore expects DOGE be part of Twitter’s crypto integration rollout. Musk and his team are working on developing payment services on Twitter, with the company recently applying to become a financial services company. Musk has previously discussed his vision for Twitter’s payment processing. The billionaire claims the social media app will be fully operational with linked debit cards and bank accounts.

Doge Whisperer, a crypto influencer and creator of the “Tip Jar,” told FXStreet:

If I had to guess, I believe the first step for Twitter will be to integrate fiat payments, and then crypto will be layered in. Dogecoin seems to be a favorite of Elon Musk because it has the characteristics of a true digital currency. With fast transaction speeds and extremely low transaction fees, DOGE has a great opportunity to become the currency of the internet.

The “Tip Jar” developed by the DOGE enthusiast can be used to accept tips on Twitter and other social media has gained popularity. The project is called “Tipmysite” and users can add the jar to their website or social media accounts at no additional cost. Tips received in the jar can be spent at outlets that accept Dogecoin, given or forwarded as “advice” to others. The Doge Whisperer project will help content creators monetize their social media, creating an additional revenue stream.

Users have the option to convert their tips into a local currency using an exchange like Coinbase or Kraken. Pot tips can be deposited in the exchange wallet and withdrawn in local fiat currency.

Dogecoin price is on track for another milestone

Despite the recent decline in Dogecoin price, technical analysts believe DOGE has the potential for another leg up after gathering liquidity between $0.0669 and $0.0884. The price of the meme coin has formed two consecutive bullish flags on its chart and the bullish target for DOGE is $0.7777.


As seen in the chart above, whenever the Relative Strength Index (RSI), a momentum indicator crosses the moving average, represented by yellow, DOGE prices will rally. A drop below $0.0652 represented by a 38.2% Fibonacci retracement could invalidate the bullish thesis of competitor Shiba Inu.


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