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UFC’s Michael Bisping panics over Faze Clan’s NFT collector David Chen

MIAMI, Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Onlookers at Miami DCENTRAL the main stage was stunned yesterday as UFC Fighter Michael Bisping blew its top off David Chen during a Keynote presentation. METAKING STUDIOS‘s Dane Hamer and creator David Johansson were talking about their upcoming release BLOCKLORDS – which features the world’s first playable characters “NextGeNFT” – when Chen and Bisping were brought via webcam to discuss why they got so invested in the medieval metaverse strategy game.

Luckily for Chen, the famous crypto investor, the incident unfolded via video call rather than real life. What started out as friendly banter about the Middle Ages quickly took on an uglier tone when it became clear that the two had their eyes on the same unique NFT hero, Duke Chad. Seeing himself in the Chiseled Warrior, Bisping proudly announced to the audience that he was going to claim Chad in the ongoing Blocklords draw.

It seems that Bisping was promised to Chad before the event – but this important information had clearly not been communicated to Chen. Playing in front of the crowd, he told Bisping he would put crypto levels on the “never seen before” line to get his hands on the coveted NFT hero. Tensions rose when Bisping suggested that Chen had “never seen a gym”. But the NFT Collector really touched a nerve by questioning the veteran champion’s toughness. The furious Bisping shocked the DCentral crowd by shouting at Chen. Chen, in shock, could only sit in silence as Hamer rushed to the DCentral stage to soften the proceedings.

If you’re wondering what heckling is, Blocklords NFT Heroes are 3D fully playable in-game and a first in digital asset utility. Modeled in Unity, each is designed to be truly unique – so players who claim them will each have an entirely different experience of this medieval grand strategy game. By building Blocklords on proprietary technology through Seascape.Networktheir goal is to bring true enjoyment and ownership to the Web3 gaming space, while creating a game they describe as “a medieval universe, combining old and new worlds as if it were written by Quentin Tarantino “.

After the confrontation, Chen released a statement from Twitter security again inciting Bisping, writing “Duke Chad only has eyes for one animal @Bisping – THE PANDA”. Newsflash – don’t you know you can’t punch someone through a screen? ‘. Bisping’s response, a crude but sinister animation of a panda decapitated by a sword, accompanied by a skull emoji, suggests this is a battle that is far from over.

Despite the friction in the air, the public and the Web-3 community felt optimistic about the revolutionary concept of “NextGeNFT” and eagerly awaited the release of Blocklords.

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