US Politician’s Failure to Report Husband’s Crypto Transactions Called ‘Disturbing’

Republican U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert neglected to file transaction reports for eight cryptocurrency transactions her husband made last year, according to her annual financial report. statement.

The transactions, ranging in value from $1,000 to $15,000 and involving an unknown crypto, were made by Jayson Boebert last May using the Robinhood app.

However, although the US House of Representatives requires such trading to be reported within 45 days under the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act of 2012 (STOCK), Boebert did not.

According to Kedric Payne, vice president of the Campaign Law CenterBoebert’s failure to report the trades is “disturbing.”

“There’s a huge red flag that all of these assets have been secured in a year, but no reporting on that,” Payne said (Going through The Colorado Sun). “And it’s not even accurately reported in this annual report. These things should be transactions, not just lists of assets.

Members of Congress who do not file their application within 45 days could be subject to $200 fine but like detailed per Business Insider earlier this year, this sanction is often overruled by the House Ethics Committee.

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Congress mulls total trade ban for US politicians

Congress is currently considering a number of measures that would ban many US politicians from trading stocks.

Calls for tougher measures intensified after revealed this 71 members of Congress did not join to STOCK Act laws, with excuses ranging from ignorance of the law to clerical errors and accounting snafus.

Lauren Boebert also failed to disclose any crypto, stock, or brokerage assets in her 2020 personal financial record. This got her in trouble when he was revealed that her husband had been paid nearly a million dollars for consultancy work for an oil and gas company in Colorado.

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