VIPS Finstock Hosts Crypto Event in Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand, September 24, 2022: A lot has happened in the crypto world since the start of 2022. The year has shown us some of the all-time highs and lows, heartbreaking crashes and a groundbreaking “meltdown”. All of these events called for more crypto awareness events. And VIPS Finstock from Pune has decided to answer the call again! Only this time, instead of jumping on another Tour De India, they flew to Pattaya, Thailand to host a smashing crypto event.

The celebration was on the occasion of two milestones, one for the anniversary of the VIPS token and the other for the anniversary of the CEO. The event was something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a knowledge-rich crypto event or a fun and relaxing getaway with friends and family, you would have it all rolled into one event.

Launch of NFTs, Staking Program and Launchpad VIPS Finstock – IEO

The exchange has been booming since its inception, and on its symbolic anniversary and the birthday of the founder, they decided to take it up a notch. The platform offers interesting features and additional utilities of the VIPS token.

Mr. Vinod Khute announced the launch of nine NFTs, which he named “Dream Big Series” as it is his life motto. With the series, he wants everyone to be inspired by his motto, and he strongly believes that anyone can achieve their dreams. All NFTs are his photos and will be published in partnership with another promising name in the industry, MetaWhale World. These NFTs will be available in the MTW Museum and can be purchased through VIPS. It was amazing to see that all the successful entrepreneurs who achieved at least part of their dreams with the guidance of Mr. Vinod Khute brought all his NFTs right after launch.

VIPS Fintock also believes in sharing crypto knowledge and raising awareness, and so taking a big step forward, they have also launched a blogging website, FinLEarn. The platform aims to bridge the gap between crypto enthusiasts and inaccessible and unreliable knowledge. They promise to provide the latest, most reliable and trusted crypto updates and knowledge to their community. The company is also offering a new staking program for VIPS and USDT, after successfully closing their first program. The new program is supposed to be more beneficial to their community and wants to promote safe and wise crypto trading. The details of this were also revealed during the crypto event in Thailand.

Besides, VIPS Finstock is also on its way to another new achievement – ​​IEO. On September 24, Mr. Vinod Khute launched a powerful tool – IEO, naming it “VIPS Finstock Launchpad”. The most recent method of fundraising for cryptocurrencies is through initial exchange offerings or IEOs. In an IEO, the cryptocurrency project donates tokens to a marketplace like Binance or VIPS Finstock, and the marketplace handles the majority of the specifics of the crowd-selling. Two of the upcoming tokens have already been listed for IEO. And the company is eager to provide the benefits of its user base (ten lakhs+) and growing social media platforms for new projects.

Mr. Vinod Khute concluded the event by emphasizing the importance of chasing dreams, following every lead that brings us closer to our goal, and creating a network that keeps us afloat. He was joined by the co-founder of the company, Mr. Kiran Anarase, COO, Mr. Santosh Khute, his wife and CTO of the company, Ms. Sayali Khute and all his strong management team and colleagues.

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