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Wemade Announces Strategic Investment in MVM, an African P2E Guild Project

  • MVM supports Africa P2E gamers and developers
  • Founded by the former director of Binance Labs in charge of Africaoptimized for local businesses
  • While waiting for the expansion of the WEMIX ecosystem in Africa

SINGAPORE, September 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wemade participated in the initial funding round of Metaverse Magna (MVM), a P2E guild project in Africa.

MVM’s parent company, Nestcoin, supports and invests in crypto projects by Africa. It was founded by Yele Bademosiformer director in charge of Africa region of Binance Labs, which oversaw investments and incubations for startups.

Also with MVM like africa The first and largest gaming DAO, Nestcoin supports the overall P2E game lifecycle of various P2E games it has invested in, such as incubation, dashboard support, public token sales /NFT and game exploitation.

MVM helps players to Africa thanks to its community and its self-developed application, Hyper. It plans to expand its business by providing a guild management tool by developing its own operating system, a P2E game software design kit for game developers, DeFi game services and more.

With this strategic investment, Wemade aims to expand the ecosystem of WEMIX3.0 and start its activities in Africa for the long term.

There are more than 186 million game users in Africa. MVM wants to create the largest gaming community in Africa and provide tools to users, investors, developers and guild operators within the ecosystem.

Africa has the highest youth population in the world,” said Yele Bademosi, CEO of Nestcoin. He highlighted the growth potential of the gaming industry in Africa.

“Gaming guilds will be one of the main DAOs and will play a central role in the game’s tokenomics,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “The partnership with MVM is an opportunity to expand the WEMIX ecosystem in Africathe continent with a rapidly growing market and a young population.”

SOURCE Wemade Co.,Ltd


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