What is Crypto? A video grid without silly questions

What is Crypto? Some experts and aficionados might say it’s actually should be considered a “dumb question”. Which of course would disqualify him from our weekly series.

But how many real “aficionados” are there when it comes to this form of money that has only been around for a little over a decade, and which has made some people spectacularly rich and others left behind? lick their wounds and wish they had never heard the word “crypto”? The thing is, after the initial one-line answer (“It’s a digital currency that can be traded peer-to-peer,” as our tech journalist Benjamin Powers puts it), the question what- what crypto is quite complicated.

We’re glad to have Powers on hand to help you solve the complexity and any side questions – on what is also known as “imaginary internet currency” and has evolved from the pioneer Bitcoin to include hundreds of what you might call his crypto-cousins. Because if you are considering investing in cryptocurrency, try talking to a friend or relative out investing, or if you just want to familiarize yourself with a term and form of forex that may have been with us for a long time, it’s probably good to know the basics. So here’s Powers with the latest of our “No Dumb Questions” Series. He will help you with everything other than advice on whether to invest. For that, you will have to go elsewhere.

We’d love to hear from you with other ideas for the series. We like to think that there are no “stupid questions”; or, in other words, that there’s almost nothing in the world of news and information that couldn’t use a little more clarity and context in terms of answers. We also know that we have really smart readers, and that even the smartest of them can’t expect to have a shred of important context or background to all the world-shaking events in some time. Send your ideas and questions to [email protected].

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Thanks to Lillian Barkley for writing this article.


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