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Why Crypto Experts Are Buying These 10 Coins in 2023

The market has had a volatile but generally good year so far as we head into the second quarter. After an initial bullish phase, the market basically stabilized and it looked like we were in a calm period for once where we might see slow market growth due to interest rates and other more favorable external factors. .

However, there is never a dull day in the crypto market. Over the past week or so, crypto-specialty bank Silvergate announced that it would cease operations, which of course was not market-friendly. However, then we had a bank in the traditional banking industry that required government intervention and now everyone is turning to crypto again as an alternative.

So that leaves us with the arrow pointing up. It’s a great time to invest, so let’s look at the top 10 cryptos experts are buying right now, including Love Hate Inu (LHINU), Fight (FGHT), C+Load (CCHG), Metropolis (METRO)And RobotEra (TARO).

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Love Hate Inu (LHINU) – Is this the best coin yet?

Well, judging by the start of the pre-sale, we’d say it certainly looks like that. Although it is just over a week old, it is already heading towards $1.5 million raised and in just over 24 hours the second stage will begin. This coin meme that doubles as a V2E platform certainly has the pundits and whales investing early.

One look at the site and you can see why it looks so fun and we can’t wait to vote on all the fun and interesting polls coming soon. Another important aspect of the project is that you have to bid to vote before you can start voting on polls, which both ensures voter anonymity and also prevents any poll from being spammed or rigged.

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Fight Out (FGHT) – P2E coin will likely be a huge hit

Fight Out (FGHT) is not only aiming to shake up the crypto P2E sector but also the fitness industry. Key to this will be their sleek new app which will use the latest technology to retrieve their customers’ health information. From there, their elite trainers will compile personalized workouts that will have everything to give their users the tools to become their best selves.

Fight Out also has ambitious plans in place to open gyms in strategic locations around the world. A key part of their project’s focus is community, so they want to provide Fight Out users the opportunity to train with other like-minded people. The gyms will be equipped with lots of amenities such as smoothie bars and restaurants, so we think they will be very popular.

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C+Charge (CCHG) – Green crypto hopes to make more electrical conductors

Green projects are going to become more popular in the crypto world as the industry grows and of course it is beneficial for our planet. C+Load (CCHG) hopes to inspire people to adopt a more sustainable driving style by rewarding electric vehicle (EV) drivers with carbon credits every time they charge at charging stations using CCHG.

This will certainly attract a lot of pilots and the credits in the form of NFTs only sweeten the pot. C+Charge does much more than that, their app will make the driver’s life easier with features such as a map that shows where your nearest charging station is and an alert that lets drivers know when their electric vehicle has need to be repaired.


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Metropoly – Get a taste of real estate investing for just $100

Yes, you read that right, thanks to Metropoly (METRO), crypto investors will now have the opportunity to own a piece of some of the most sought-after properties around the world. How it works Metropoly has created NFT versions of these properties which have been split up for sale and will be available starting at just $100.

Investors can then derive passive income from their NFT just as they would if they owned the property in real life, through rent and appreciation. The best thing is that this transaction can take place in seconds; no realtor needed, no extra paperwork and no hidden costs.

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RobotEra (TARO) will have a second-life quality in the sense that all you’ll want to do is spend hours on this game exploring the planet Taro and developing your terrain. This plot will be purchased with an NFT robot sidekick who will act as your envoy as you explore and build your utopia.

Income can be earned in-game by other players, so building attractive amenities on your lot is a good option. No prior coding experience is required so you can have endless fun building skyscrapers, monuments, or whatever you want.

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Tamadoge (TAMA) – New Arcade Games Prove Hit

Rocketdoge and Tamablast were the latest arcade game to be added to the popular meme coins ecosystem and it has been a big hit so far with players who seem to love the game. Tamadoge (TAMA) now has four fun P2E games you can play with another coming soon. The ecosystem is growing and attracting more and more players, which has very high-level experts on its future prospects.

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Calvaria (RIA) – One of the best P2E games to play this year

Calvaria duels of eternity (RIA) is one of the most popular P2E games in blockchain gaming circles. It’s like a traditional battle card game introduced in the Metaverse with super cool and intense features. Players collect playing cards, which are NFTs, to create the best game possible, then compete against other players to earn the local currency, RIA. Calvary

Polygon (MATIC) – Recent Price Surge Expected to Continue

Polygon (MATIC), which was originally founded on the Ethereum network but now also has its own network, looks set for a big 2023. People are starting to look to it as a faster and cheaper alternative to Ethereum and this is reflected in its price surge. This year.


Cardano (ADA)- Could benefit from traditional bank failures

According to experts, one of the main profiteers from the problems of traditional banking could be Cardano (ADA), there could be many reasons for this as it is a successful crypto. However, we believe this is likely due to recent comments from a UN official who raised the possibility of turning to ADA as a faster and more efficient way to raise and distribute funds for refugees. moved.gimbal

Solana (SOL) – Ambitious price predictions for 2023

Solana (SOL) has been one of the best performing cryptos of 2023. It has seen steady growth with no real downturns. This in itself is a good sign, but many experts predict that it will reach the price of $24.74, which would be a big increase from its current price of $19.5. Experts currently weigh in behind SOL, so now could be a great time to buy.



Now that the market is on the rise again, following what the experts are investing in should be a good strategy. We’ve given you 10 great options, but Love Hate Inu, Fight Out, C+Charge, Metropoly (METRO), and RobotEra (TARO) are definitely the top five contenders. They all have great pumping potential in the near future and can be had right now at bargain prices.

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