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Why Metacade Should Be Part Of Your Crypto Investment Strategy | Time without bank

With so many crypto projects, it can be difficult for investors to identify which projects have the potential to make the biggest gains so that they can be added to a crypto investment strategy. The problem with investing in the best-known projects is that they already have high market capitalizations, which reduces the risk of eye-popping price increases that stepping in early enough can offer savvy investors. This makes high rollers rarely the best crypto to buy now.

Following a tough year for crypto, many private investor groups are now looking to ensure they back early-stage projects in sectors less likely to be affected by negative market swings. . The game fits perfectly with an established, growing and recession-proof industry.

That’s part of the reason why a new and disruptive project, Metacade, is getting a lot of attention in crypto investment circles. The project, still in pre-sale, looks set to change the way gamers play and offers huge returns for MCADE owners in the process.

The Metacade team recently released their white paper, which details Metacade’s plans to meet the challenge of building the largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade in the Metaverse. With the arcade at the center of the project supported by a host of other complementary features, the project looks set to shake up gaming by providing a cohesive and immersive experience for gamers to play and win in one place.

One of the most exciting elements of Metacade is a comprehensive rewards system that works across the entire ecosystem. Users are rewarded for playing games in the P2E arcade and through other features, such as participating in competitive games and tournaments. They can also earn rewards simply for helping to grow and improve the ecosystem, with actions like writing game reviews and providing alpha to the community just a few examples of contributions that earn rewards.

The driving force behind the inner workings of Metacade is the MCADE token. The token is used across the entire platform and, most importantly, as a currency for the entire ecosystem. This means that for all access, as well as for actions such as purchasing goods or participating in competitive gaming tournaments, MCADE is required.

MCADE can also be staked by token holders, allowing them to create a passive income stream. Staking MCADE is a powerful lure for many investors looking to maximize their returns because it means that after finding and doing the best crypto to buy now, they can wait for their holdings to inevitably appreciate while the token is put to work. securing the project and earning them additional revenue in the process.

Another popular area of ​​the platform is the innovative Metagrant program. It works by allowing talented game developers to submit their ideas for games to be developed to the community. Winners will receive funds distributed from the project treasury.

This extremely high level of token utility is one of the main reasons why a large number of savvy investors include MCADE in their crypto investment strategy.

What price can MCADE reach?

Metacade has caught the attention of many seasoned investors who review their holdings and make sure they have a crypto investment strategy that works for them. Besides the high potential of the project, another factor that plays a key role in the high value attributed to the MCADE token is the tokenomics of the project.

With only 2 billion tokens in stock and no token inflation, investors know that the relative value of their tokens will be constant over time. This also means that even if we forget about the 100x growth forecast for crypto over the next few years, even if the project reaches a conservative market cap of $10 billion, which Axie Infinity reached in 2021, the token price would have seen an astronomical increase, to $5 for each MCADE. With the pre-sale beta starting at $0.008, this represents a 625x increase in the price of the token, making Metacade the best crypto to buy now.

Metacade seems like a once-in-a-lifetime investment for those smart enough to secure their stake at the discounted prices available during presale. With more and more experienced investors getting wind of the project, the opportunity to acquire MCADE at bargain prices will not present itself for long.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

Disclaimer: Information provided by crypto industry players and not part of BanklessTimes editorial content.

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