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Will Crypto go up? Here’s what 5 influencers think

by Market trends December 2, 2022

The past six months have been nothing short of a nightmare for crypto enthusiasts everywhere. The situation escalated after the crash of LUNA and LUNC, which started a chain of misfortunes that spread like wildfire. Crypto investors are still suffering from the repercussions of the collapse of the FTX exchange and are desperately waiting for a full-fledged recovery.

Despite all the difficulties, there hasn’t been a better time to invest in emerging cryptocurrency projects like Dash 2 Exchange, RobotEra, IMPT.ioand Calvary. Let’s find out what five influential market experts are saying about the recovery of the crypto market.

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Expert Opinions on How and When the Crypto Market Will Take a Turn

There are several influencers in this market who make headlines whenever they post a comment or remark regarding cryptos. In the following, we have mentioned five influential opinions.

The European Central Bank

The European Central Bank does not directly influence the crypto markets, but those who have been following the news know what the impact is on institutional crypto investors in the EU region. The European Central Bank has recently issued harsh criticisms of bitcoin and how it has been used primarily for illegal transactions. This could cause BTC to drop further.

CZ Binance

The second most influential player in the crypto market is a personality who owns the world’s largest crypto exchange, aka Binance. CZ, or Changpeng Zhao, is known for causing a stir in the market with his tweets and opinions. CZ wants to bid on assets held by struggling crypto firms like Voyager for $1 billion.

Justin Sun

The famous Chinese cryptopreneur, has an undeniable influence on the crypto markets. Recently he spoke about the collapse of FTX. Sun mentioned that the company is in the midst of Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, which will take a long time as it still has a huge portfolio of businesses. The founder of the Tron platform is eyeing organizations owned by FTX.

Cathy Wood

According to a Bloomberg interview, the founder of Ark Investment Management is still optimistic that bitcoin will hit $1 million by 2030. During the worst crypto winter this year, no other crypto influencer maintained his past views on bitcoin’s significant dominance in the near future. Wood’s conviction has investors hanging on and ignoring short-term market expectations.

Marc Moss

Speaking of crypto market analysts, one cannot leave out Mark Moss, who has been an honest influencer and analyst from the very beginning. Moss thinks the current green signals are not strong enough to be considered bullish. On a dark note, Moss also negates any possibility of seeing a bull market anytime soon.

But despite the mixed opinions of crypto influencers, there are some hidden gems in the market that you should be aware of.

Dash 2 Exchange

Dash 2 Exchange

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The first project that we will name as the most profitable investment alternative is Dash 2 Trade. Learn 2 Trade, a well-known name for quality investment information and education in the financial industry, supports this one-of-a-kind project. Pursuing a similar goal, Dash 2 Trade was designed to help traders make informed decisions with accurate, real-time market information.

Trading signals, social sentiment, a strategy builder, a rating system for participating in crypto pre-sales, and even a crypto listing alert are available for users of the Dash 2 Trade platform. The official whitepaper also mentions the existence of Dash 2 Trade’s main utility token, called D2T.

D2T is required to benefit from the best features of the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem, including a next-level strategy builder. Luckily, D2T can be purchased exclusively from the official public presale currently underway. This project achieved considerable gains (up to $7.6 million), which speaks volumes about the investor interest in D2T. You too can participate in Dash 2 Trade before it ends and get profits as soon as it hits the market.

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Metaverse has influenced the world’s biggest markets, both crypto and mainstream, as it promises a futuristic approach. Seeing how the demand for Metaverse is expected to increase in the coming years, investors are adding Metaverse cryptos like RobotEra to their portfolios. RobotEra can be considered the most lucrative Metaverse crypto to buy for the following reasons:

  • It is a sandbox-like metaverse that contains planet-rebuilding elements. In RobotEra, players become a robot that acquires and manages
  • In addition to allowing users to immerse themselves in creating the world, RobotEra also has room to socialize with other NFT communities. The ability to expand your build to have unique spaces and earn rewards is the real benefit of this project.
  • RobotEra also supports a high-potential primary cryptocurrency called TARO token to bring financial freedom to investors, gamers, and developers associated with this project.

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Crypto leader IMPT

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The need for an eco-friendly crypto investment is now seen as satisfied thanks to, a unique and impactful eco-green crypto.’s goal is to launch a global offsetting program powered by blockchain and using the carbon credit approach. investors participate in an ecosystem that helps them reduce their carbon footprint and also generate income.

The utility token for this project is an ERC-20 token called IMPT, which is currently in the pre-sale phase and available for purchase exclusively from the official website. So far, has raised over $13 million and received commitments from 10,000 global brands.



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As crypto games reach people all over the world, investors are pouring money into this sector to benefit from this high-potential market. Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is an important consideration if you are interested in purchasing any gaming-related cryptocurrency. RIA is the utility token that plays an important role in the Calvaria ecosystem. It sells out faster than anything when it’s pre-sold, making it the perfect investment to make right now.

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Waiting for a market reversal by refraining from buying the hottest crypto presales like D2T, TARO, RIA and IMPT could be the worst mistake you will make this year. Buy these cryptocurrencies quickly before the presale ends and their value will skyrocket.

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