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Yield App Unveils Higher Yielding Passive Income Product

Yield App’s new Earn Plus products are an addition to the existing range of passive crypto income.

Yield App, a global FinTech company and digital wealth platform that has attracted over 80,000 customers since its launch in February 2021, is enhancing its product lineup with a new, higher-yielding crypto passive income alternative.

The new suite of passive crypto income products has been named Earn+ and includes stablecoin and Ether wallets with a 30-day redemption notice period. Additionally, the existing BTC passive income product will be upgraded to have the same features as Earn+.

These wallets now pay the highest returns on crypto assets available on the platform, with up to 10% per annum currently available on Earn Plus stablecoin products for Diamond Tier members.

Yield App Diamond Tier members must stake or lock more than 20,000 of their native YLD token on the digital wealth platform. They are rewarded with the highest interest rates in Yield App’s range of crypto passive income products, as well as a range of additional benefits.

Existing instant access products remain available under the Flexible title, paying an alternative interest rate in exchange for instant liquidity. The additional Earn+ product line gives customers greater flexibility in how they choose to earn passive income on the Yield App platform.

Tim Frost, CEO of Yield App, said, “I am delighted that Yield App continues to grow and expand its offering during a turbulent time for the cryptocurrency markets.

“This latest launch is a testament to our strengths in asset management and risk mitigation, which have helped us weather the market turmoil and enabled us to take advantage of the yield-generating opportunities available in the market due to recent volatility.”

Yield App is a digital wealth platform that enables its clients to earn safe and sustainable returns on the biggest digital assets. Clients can earn passive income and convert their digital assets within the intuitive web platform and crypto app.

Clients simply deploy their crypto assets in Yield App wallets to earn passive income on stablecoins, BTC, and ETH, compounded daily. At the heart of the platform’s strategy is its $YLD token, which rewards loyal community members with a higher APY the more YLD they stake or lock into the platform.

About the Yield App

Yield App believes that everyone should have access to the best earning opportunities. Its mission is to unleash the full potential of digital assets, combine them with the most rewarding opportunities available in all financial markets and make them accessible to the world. To achieve this, the company offers an innovative digital wealth platform and crypto app that connects traditional and decentralized finance in the easiest way possible.

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